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Quicktip for Merging Rigged Meshes (Unwrap 3D Pro)

This quicktip will explain how to merge rigged meshes with a similar skeleton into Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro.
Requirements: Unwrap3D Pro v3.50.70 or later.

Rigged Mesh Example

The File | Merge tool in Unwrap 3D Pro lets you merge multiple model files into the same scene, however, when it comes to merging skeletons, it merges files at the scene level. This means, it will create a new, separate skeleton, even if there's a similar skeleton already present.

To merge a rigged mesh with a similar skeleton, we can use another tool called File | Import | Mesh And Animation. This will preserve the scene skeleton and not create a copy of it.

For this example, we downloaded a free character model and its corresponding animation files from Mixamo.

Now, let's suppose our character mesh has been split into two or more parts, using the same skeleton, and saved to separate files. How would we combine them back together again?

qt_mesh_animation1.png qt_mesh_animation2.png

First, use File | Open to import any part of your character model with its skeleton into Unwrap 3D. Then, to load the remaining parts, click File | Import | Mesh And Animation.

Click on the Source Filepath button (...) to open the File Dialog box. Here you can select multiple files to import. Since all files use the same skeleton, the bone mapping should be valid. If everything looks ok, click the OK button to import:



Your character model should now be re-assembled using the same skeleton.

To test your model, use File | Import | Animation to import some animation files. Then click Animation | Editor to preview your imported animation. Click on the play button (▶) and use the arrow buttons (<>) to scroll through each animation:

qt_animation4.png qt_animation5.png

That's it! If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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