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Quicktip for Straighten UV Edges

The Straighten UV Edges tool can straighten UV edges, which is particularly useful for straightening edge loops and edge rings.

Pipe Example

In this example, we used the Peel UVs tool to unwrap a pipe, and then used the Unwrap UVs Along tool to relax the UVs along one axis:


If we wanted to take the UV mapping one step further, we could straighten the UV edges.

First, select a single edge loop in the UV Editor, by either double-clicking on an edge, or by clicking Select | 2D | Edge Loop. Then click Select | 2D | Edge Ring to expand the selection:

qt_straighten2.png qt_straighten3.png

Now click Edit | Straighten Edge | Auto or Edit | Straighten Edge | Horizontal:


All selected edge loops are now straighten.

That's it! If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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